Дональд Туск
2-й Председатель Европейского совета
Год и место рождения: 1957 Гданьск, Польша
Состоит в браке
Дети: 2
  • За год: USD 377,672.00
  • За месяц: USD 31,473.00
  • За неделю: USD 7,263.00
  • За день: USD 1,035.00
Sun Nov 2016: Mr Juncker’s Christmas bonus will be €5,181.24 (£4,396) – while his basic salary will rise by €10,362 (£8,793), taking it to a stratospheric €324,377 (£275,275).
According to the Dutch site, Binnenlandsbestuur.nl is the salary of the President of the European Council the same of that of the President of the European Commission which is, according to Europa.eu May 2014: The salary of the President is € 25.554,58 per month (€ 306.655 annually), subject to EU tax with rates ranging from 8% to 45%. The President has a monthly allowance for representation expenses of 1.418,07 (€ 17.016 annually) and he is entitled to a residence allowance of 15% of his basic salary which is (€ 45.998 annually).
The President's total annual income, including allowances is €369.669
Text: Europa.eu
Text: Wikipedia
Text: The Sun
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